Cover Supervisor Jobs Description

Cover supervisors are responsible for providing assistance to regular teaching teams. They take classes and ensure that the teachers work on tasks. These professionals play a significant role in the running of modern schools and academy. They free up regular qualified teachers to carry out essential marking, preparation and planning. The role of these professionals has grown in recent years. So, the vacancies for cover supervisor professionals are available in almost every secondary school, though the degrees vary widely.

Cover supervisors must be able to carry out great responsibilities. They will have the sole charge of classroom and ultimately the safety of children in their control.

Education Qualification for Cover Supervisors

Formal qualifications are not required for undertaking cover supervisor jobs. Generally, the employer determines the qualification of a cover supervisor. Usually, the head teacher decides the requirements for the job. Some employers prefer to hire graduates for this position, but this is not a standard. However, you can increase the chance of getting a cover supervisor job if you are highly qualified and have QTS. An honours degree is the minimum educational requirement for this job. You must also have work experience of working with secondary age children. There will not be a regular timetable, so you must be highly adaptable. You must be diplomatic and have behaviour management skills to undertake the duties.

You must have strong character because you must be able to manage the classroom behaviour as well as teacher snipping. The role of cover supervisors introduced originally to maintain the non contact periods of teachers. But now, it has become a permanent fixture in schools. You must be able to handle the controversy that comes with this role. If you have teaching ambitions, you can easily handle these responsibilities.

Duties of a cover Supervisor

The major responsibility of a cover supervisor is to manage a classroom. They must ensure that the students remain on tasks with the work they have been sent. Cover supervisors should not do certain tasks. This is the curious part of their role. So, cover supervisors :

* Don’t plan
* Don’t set targets
* Don’t differentiate
* Don’t set homework
* Don’t mark work
* Don’t have subject knowledge

They must undertake some duties such as:

* Supervise work, which has been set in accordance with school policy
* Respond to any questions from students about procedures and process
* Deal with immediate emergencies or problems according to the policies of the school
* Collect completed work after lesson and return it to appropriate teacher
* Report back as appropriate

The responsibilities of a cover supervisor vary significantly depending on the place of work such as special, primary or secondary school. Active teaching, planning or marking are not required for doing cover supervisor jobs.


The salary of a cover supervisor will be around a half or a third of the salary of an experienced teacher. According to the estimates of local authorities, a cover supervisor is eligible for getting scale 4 salaries, but they will not get payment for holidays. The salary of a cover supervisor ranges from £12,500 to £16,000. But, if you have a temporary role, you will get only less than the salary of a supply teacher. The average daily wage of a cover supervisor is £65. You will get very high income if you are a qualified teacher and want to perform the cover supervisor role.