Finding The Source Of Data Theft

It’s an unfortunate reality that data theft is a prominent threat.┬áData thieves target the IT systems of individuals, businesses and companies in order to extract private information. If a party is attacked successfully by a data thief, that thief will have to be located so that it can be┬ádealt with through the legal system.

Most thefts of confidential data tend to leave a trail. This can be a key part of finding the source of the theft. But to begin searching for this trail it’s important to talk to a civil fraud solicitor. They will work closely with any IT personnel involved, as well as external IT forensics experts to review the electronic systems and databases, in order to try and find the trail and eventually the source itself.

A fraud solicitor will also be helpful in organising discussions about the systems and controls that were in place at the time of the attack. Understanding this will be important legally as well informative about the situation that occurred.