Why you have to be passionate to become a teacher

There are plenty of reasons why going into teaching may not be a brilliant decision, such as:

  • For all the hard work, it doesn’t pay well
  • There’s minimal room for error
  • You have to be a leader
  • You need to do homework outside of work
  • You will not leave on time very often
  • You’re constantly under pressure

It’s not uncommon to hear someone say “why on earth would you want to be a teacher?” The answer, however, is usually uttered with one word, passion. If you are seriously passionate about teaching children or adults and actually take satisfaction from educating others, it could be the job for you. Not many specialist jobs pay vast amounts these days; even nurses earn a great deal less than teachers unless of course, you work in the private sector. That said, money is not everything, and teaching is all about having the right attitude, passion and ideas for the job.