How To Exchange A Council House

Because council houses are not owned by their occupants they can be exchanged between themselves. Houses are exchanged for many reasons, and those involved in the process have as much right to do so anyone.

If you are a housing association tenant or council tenant and wish to move home, you may be able to do this via a mutual exchange. During this process, occupants are able to exchange homes with another housing association or council tenant.

If the occupants live in a council owned house, flat or bungalow and wish to move to new council house they will need to go through several different processes which can be started through the local council, or through an exchange scheme.

Its important to remember that the exchange is subject to the consent of the council however. If the move is carried out without consent, the occupants may have to return to their original homes. Remember too that the new home and the one that is being vacated is in an adequate state of repair.