Automotive Mechanic – Education Requirements and Overview

Many high schools offer automotive mechanic training programs, these are considered adequate within the service industry. However, most mechanics are expected to have completed an associate degree or certificate program in automotive technology training.

During the course of the degree, the student is often responsible for completing an apprenticeship with a car manufacturer, such as a GM plant or a local repair shop. An associate’s degree is a 2-year program.

The apprenticeship itself is similar in structure to actual entry-level employment, and as such the student will likely be paid for his or her time at work. In addition to this apprentice work, students are required to complete courses in math, automotive emissions, engine diagnosis, suspension and steering, and digital devises in computers.

An important consideration for the student to make is which brand of vehicle they want to specialise in. This is because many schools offer differing programs based on specific car manufacturers, so the choice will define the initial direction of the education.