Why are more families are going to court over inheritance?

Research has shown that the number of cases of the families moving to court to fight over inheritance has grown by over 57% for the past two years. If we consider the number of such cases lying in courts, the number could still go higher, as there are those cases which are set to be heard by top judges. But why are so many families fighting over their inheritance in courts?

Modern families have a lot of dynamics, which has resulted in a lot of heated arguments when someone dies. Every member of the family, including the extended families such as the half-brothers and sisters, and stepchildren wants to have a share of the deceased property. If the inheritance attracts more members of the extended family, the more likely they will cause conflict thus heading to the court.

Failure to write a will also causes family members to argue how the property should be shared. In such cases, these family members fail to agree, and they, therefore, choose to seek courts interventions.

Legal experts suggest that it is always advisable to write a will and keep it updated so that in case you die, the family members will have an easy time following what is on record.